Fat Loss and Biosignature Modulation

Step 1 – Weekly Diet Analysis

The key to any successful nutritional or diet makeover is to first analyse what your current diet is. This is achieved by accurately completing the Diet Sheet that you are provided with. Rather than giving clients a better “healthier” diet it is preferable to initially work with their existing diet and food habits and see what modifications to that are necessary. My personal belief is that it is better to renovate rather than reconstruct from scratch! However, very often a complete dietary overhaul is necessary.

Step 2 – BioSignature Modulation

The key to any weight loss, fat loss or muscle gain is to determine your BioSignature profile and to use the information from this to help modify the diet presented in Step 1. For example, if someone has an Insulin profile then it is vital that they remove, for the best part of the week, any food items which will spike insulin levels. If someone has high fat content on their legs then it is important to remove anything from their diet or environment that may be causing them to become toxic. This can be caused by simple carbohydrates, make up, false tan or plastics for example. The problem area will be highlighted by BioSignature and eventually resolved as dietary changes combined with natural supplements will remove the toxins from the fat in your legs and the fat levels will reduce.

Why does Junk Food make you feel good?
Sugar Rush -> Causes an Insulin Spike -> Body goes into STORAGE MODE (Stores FAT -> Serotonin Released (you feel good) -> Blood Sugar Drops -> FEEL LOW -> MORE SUGAR REQUIRED

Dietary Consequence of Missing a Meal
Low Blood Sugar -> Hungry Brain -> Cortisol UP -> Hepatic Glucagon UP -> Muscle Breakdown UP -> Sugar Intake -> Insulin Rises -> Storage Mode (Fats)Causes an insulin – Cortisol see-saw effect as you crave more carbs due to starving your body by missing a meal.



BioSignature Modulation

BioSignature Modulation is a researched system based on scientific evidence that determines an individual’s HORMONAL PROFILE based on where they store their body fat. This means that your body fat levels and corresponding imbalanced hormones can be effectively managed through a combination of:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • A targeted INDIVIDUAL supplementation program
  • Lifestyle Modifications

So, when these imbalanced hormones are identified through your BioSignature assessment and are balanced the weight that is carried on the corresponding sites on your body is not required anymore and is removed. Imagine if you could identify exactly why you feel so listless in the afternoon or why you diet and continually exercise and never quite see the results you want. A trained BioSignature practitioner can develop an individual plan for you based on YOUR unique biological signature.


Are You Interested In:

Weight Loss?
Fat Loss?
Body Composition Changes?
Managing Insulin Levels?
Managing Stress (Cortisol) Levels?
Improving Testosterone Levels?
Reducing Estrogen Levels?
Losing man boobs?
Losing Fat from Your Legs?
Your personal Fat Loss and Biosignature Modulation plan is aimed to positively Impact

Thyroid & Insulin Levels
Androgens (testosterone) & Growth Hormones
Sleep & Energy Levels
Body Composition (amount of lean mass versus fat mass)
Overall health and well being
The result is improved performance in ALL areas of your life – physical, mental and intellectual.

By following the outlined plan every single one of my clients have emerged leaner, stronger, healthier, happier and more energetic.


How Long Does a BioSignature Modulation Assessment Take?

The initial assessment takes approximately 45 minutes. The assessor then takes time to analyze the results and research the best plan to get you optimal results and any imbalanced hormones back on track.


What is the Cost?

Initial BioSignature Modulation – €80 for the assessment & comprehensive report, supplement programme and nutritional plans. Follow up BioSignature Modulation – €70 for reassessment & updated plans to ensure continuous progress.