Dry Needling

Dry needling is the single most effective treatment for correcting muscular tightness, releasing trigger points and relieving pain. Arrange your dry needling appointment by sending us your details in the contact section. 

Fat Loss and Biosignature Modulation

Lose that unwanted fat and get into the shape you always wanted by contacting us today. We will analyse your current diet, examine your lifestyle and with the help BioSignature Modulation we will determine what steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

Postural Assessment & Correction

Most treatment sessions will consist of some postural assessment and correction. For example, during each Sport’s Massage, a complete range of motion check is performed on the relevant muscle groups and all imbalances are corrected at the end of the treatment. However, entire sessions are also devoted to postural assessment and correction. Posture defects are noted (such as rounded shoulders) and subsequently corrected.

Strength and Conditioning

We have trained people of all levels up to International level and offer our services to anyone genuinely committed to improving their health and fitness regardless of their starting level. We want to help everyone. We offer one-to-one Personal Training and Strength & Conditioning services from one of the most highly qualified trainers in the industry

Back Pain

For the last 17 years we have successfully resolved all of our client's back problems. We have found that the most common cause of severe, consistent and debilitating back pain is mainly due to a Posterior Pelvic tilt. In our extensive experience we found that no one correctly identifies or fixes this issue.